We believe that Innovation is the core of entrepreneurship which should not only be restricted to a product but should also include processes.

IRMA's incubator for driving social change


Founded in 2016, IRMA's incubator ISEED (Incubator for Social Enterprises and Entrepreneurs for Development) is an incubator focused on rural, social and collective enterprises. ISEED works with social enterprise partners and ecosystem partners across India to provide a nurturing and empathetic entrepreneurial ecosystem through mentoring and networking support, collaborative research, entrepreneurship training and capacity building. We work with early-stage enterprises in underserved regions and ecosystems and seek to add value throughout their journey.

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Upcoming events:

6-8 Feb 2020 -

Building and Managing Social Enterprises

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11th March 2020 -

National workshop on FPOs

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12th March 2020 - 

Farming Futures authors' meet

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13th March 2020 -

National workshop on incubating grassroots entrepreneurs

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We add value to our partners by

Mentoring and Networking


Early-stage enterprises need an empathetic ecosystem to develop their business models more than finances. We connect enterprise with ecosystem partners to help expand their outreach and prepare them to become investor ready (If they wish to).

Collaboative Research


ISEED shapes contextually relevant agendas in areas such as agri-value chains, grassroots entrepreneurship, fellowships on social enterprises etc. We create new knowledge through detailed case studies and blogs on Agri based enterprises or FPOs and on entrepreneurial processes.

Ecosystem Building


​All our collective efforts are synergized through systemic thinking to create a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in under-served areas with inadequate support services. 

Supporting Innovations


We support rural and social innovation by working with partners to identify critical areas that can add value and support pilots and experiments that pursue innovative approaches based on our insights on social innovation. 

Training and Capacity Building


We provide customized Entrepreneurship and Management Development Programmes that help build entrepreneurs’ self-belief and enable their ideas to flourish and their enterprises to grow. 

Entrepreneurial IRMA


We mentor and nurture student initiatives
through IRMA’s Social Entrepreneurship Cell (ISEC) and alumni to celebrate and create an entrepreneurial IRMA. 

Our focus areas:

Agriculture and Allied Industries

Grassroots Entrepreneurship

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Collective Enterprises

and FPOs

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Sustainable Waste Management

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Community Based

Rural Tourism

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Our training programmes:


Entrepreneurship Development programmes

We offer customised training programmes for aspiring and early-stage rural and social entrepreneurs. We also offer trainings in the vernacular.

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Training of Trainers of FPOs

We jointly organise ToT of FPOs and Board of Directors in collaboration with our ecosystem partners.

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Theme specific workshops

We offer specific theme-based workshops on topics like CSR, Community Based Rural Tourism etc in collaboration with our partners.

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Our blogs