Our approach

The growth of an enterprise is based not just on heroic risk or talent of the entrepreneur but her/his ability to access opportunities from the entrepreneurial ecosystem. ISEED pro-actively works to co-create this through mentoring and networking support, training and capacity building, creating new knowledge and supporting innovations.

We seek to add value to our partners by:

Mentoring and Networking


Early-stage enterprises need an empathetic ecosystem to design, experiment and discover their own business models. We provide companionship and strategic tie-ups to
help them expand their outreach and prepare them to become investor ready (If they wish to).

Ecosystem Building


Complex problems in under-served areas with inadequate support services require activities designed to think systematically from the start to enable collective efforts to co-create a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. We design and push newer ideas such as co-incubation, FPOs as start-ups and we co-design with our partners innovations in grassroots entrepreneurship training, agri-entrepreneurship and community based rural tourism.

Training and Capacity Building


We provide customized and stage appropriate training programmes through some of the latest innovations in the field of entrepreneurship that help build entrepreneurs’ self-belief, enable their ideas to flourish and enterprises to grow. Through GET we are going vernacular.

Collaboative Research


Through action research we co-create new knowledge on agri-value chains, social enterprises, incubating FPOs and grassroots entrepreneurship. Research for complexity we believe can be rigorous, impactful and fun if designed
collaboratively and disseminated creatively.

Supporting Innovations


Evidence-based, practical business guidance is our goal. We support rural and social innovations that add value to under-served communities either technically, organisationally or institutionally. We bring our insights on social innovation to support pilots that can impact and add value locally through innovative products and/or services. We also disseminate tested local innovations.

Entrepreneurial IRMA


We mentor and nurture student initiatives through IRMA’s Social Entrepreneurship Cell (ISEC) and alumni to celebrate and create an entrepreneurial IRMA.

Our focus areas:


Agricultural Innovations and promoting (small) agribusiness

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Grassroots Entrepreneurship Training (GET)


Incubating Collective Enterprises and FPOs


Community Based

Rural Tourism


Sustainable Waste Management